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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age limits?

The Lawton Dojo accepts students as young as 6 years and older. 

The Oklahoma City Dojo accepts students as young as 7 years and older. 

What do I wear?
We wear the traditional uniform (do-gi or gi for short). However if you are interested in attending and giving it a try, students may wear comfortable (but modest) clothing for the first several classes until the student has decided to commit to the class. 
Preferred dress attire for potential students would include sweat pants, nylon wind breaker type pants, T-shirt, etc. 
Clothing to avoid includes "Daisy Dukes" or short-shorts, tank tops, low v-neck shirts, or anything that will sag, gape, or be inappropriate while working out.

What is Lionheart Karate? 
Lionheart Karate is a system of karate with a base in several different styles of Japanese and Okinawan martial arts, and is part of the American Bushido-kai Karate Association (ABKA).

What is Karate?
Karate is a Japanese word that means “empty-hand”. The origin of this type of fighting is unsure but it is thought to have come from India to China, to Okinawa then to Japan. This art was finally brought to America in the 1940’s by military personnel who were stationed in Japan after World War II.

What is Bushido- Kai?
Bushido-Kai is the style of our school, and means “the way of the warrior”. In ancient Japan the Samurai Warrior lived by the Bushido code which is based on honor, discipline, loyalty, and perfection of technique through training. The same principles are stressed here.

Who Benefits from Karate Training?
Men, women, and children of all ages find that Karate provides the type of complete physical fitness program they have been looking for; and gives them the added benefit of being able to defend themselves from an aggressive attack in this world of ever rising violent crimes. People also find that training methods used in Karate help to develop coordination, flexibility, and strength while also providing improvement to mental awareness and concentration is also shown. With the incorporation of Biblical principles and practices Lionheart can truly provide a mental, physical, and spiritual fitness program in one.


Is Karate a Sport?

There are various tournaments that are open for competition and provide an additional proving ground in a controlled environment. However; the potential for the principles, discipline, concentration, confidence, etc., learned in Karate to be applied and used in all facets of life are endless. Our goal at Lionheart is to provide a level of training that will the student can carry with them whether they are in the Dojo, at school, at work, at church, or anywhere that life may take you.


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